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The Port's Social Responsibility Division (SRD) database enables you to quickly determine if a firm is certified by the Port, review the certification status of a particular firm or to obtain a listing of firms that meet service type and certification characteristics of interest to you.

The Port of Oakland, is working together with the County of Alameda, the City of Oakland and the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) to make it easier for the business community to search certified firms with these agencies. Together with all the members of the East Bay Interagency Alliance, (EBIA) we hope to provide additional information and services that will make it easier for the business community to work with our EBIA agencies.

For businesses included in the database, company profile and description information can be updated by sending an email with the new information to:

SRD Administration
(510) 627-1627

DBE Certification

The Port of Oakland is signatory to the California Unified Certification Program under US Department of Transportation, 49 CFR 23 and 26. As such the Port does not certify or track Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) or Airport Concession Business Enterprises (ACDBEs).


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